Community groups and organizations, in which a majority of the members are residents of the Concord Community School District, shall be permitted and encouraged to use the school facilities for worthwhile purposes when such use will not interfere with the school program. Use of school facilities will be limited to responsible groups under responsible adult supervision. Final approval shall be through the office of the superintendent.


Non-community and/or Fund Raising groups and individuals may be permitted to use school facilities. Fund Raising shall be defined as any activity that promotes a commercial enterprise or involves an admission charge, fee, tuition, or donation.


Facilities and school equipment or furniture are not available for use by private individuals for such functions as receptions, parties, reunions and affairs of this nature. School athletic equipment may only be used by Class I and Class II groups.


Priority of use will be by the following classes:


Class I   Concord school functions or activities all inclusive up to 6:00 p. m. or any day school is in session. School directed activities after 6:00 p. m., such as athletics, music or theater activities, school dances or club activities and parent council meetings.


Class II   School related functions or activities such as community services, adult education and school support organizations.


Class III    Charitable community groups and civic organizations, religious organizations, youth service organizations.


Class IV      Non-community and/or fund raising organizations, groups, or individuals and informal recreation groups.


The use of specific rooms and facilities will be approved or rejected at the discretion of the Superintendent or his/her designee utilizing the following guidelines.


·          The central kitchen in the elementary school is not available for use.

·          The High School gymnasium may only be used when public attendance at an approved activity requires such use.

·          Use of classrooms containing unusually expensive or potentially dangerous equipment is discouraged.

·          Outdoor athletic facilities usage must be scheduled and approved through the office of the athletic director.


Every attempt should be made to schedule the use of school facilities, by those authorized to use them in this policy, during hours when school personnel are available in buildings. A $25.00 refundable security/cleanup deposit is required of all groups using facilities when such personnel are not working. A deposit may also be required of groups using outdoor facilities.


Groups choosing to employ school personnel through the school, to be present during the activity, are exempted for the required deposit.


Buildings shall not be scheduled for use on Sunday morning without direct approval of the Board of Education.



Class I       No Charge                      

Class II     No Charge

Class III     No Charge                              

Class IV      a. classroom areas ($25 charge per use)

                     b. cafeterias  ($30 charge per use)

                     c. H.S. Café & Kitchen ($50 charge per use)

                     d. M. S. Gym  ($100 charge per use)

                     e. H. S. Gym  ($200 charge per use)

                     f. Varsity football field  ($200 charge per use)


Operational Charges

Only the Board of Education may pay employees for services involving the use of school facilities. When facilities are used that require custodial services, the current rate per person per hour will be charged and the security/cleanup deposit will be waived. A school kitchen employee must be present whenever kitchen equipment is used, and will be charged at the current contract rate per person per hour. These costs are in addition to rental fees.


The superintendent is given the authority to implement this policy and the right to refuse the use of facilities when advisable in his/her judgment.




Reviewed and adopted 09-25-95

Facility fees changed and adopted 10-26-98


Last Modified on February 18, 2011